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Welcome To Chaotic Tactical Squad

This is where we work as a team in an organised chaos. We expect to fail many times and learn from our mistakes. We do not rush through content, we take it slow and enjoy all parts of tha game all the way to level 85 and beyond.
We feel that the game does not start at level 85, it starts at level 1.

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3 musketeers on a black rock run

annowin, Aug 28, 11 7:10 PM.
On a heroic run with jk and morganna had to take a pic of the smexi helms and the babi fawn 

while waiting for a new tank and healer :P

Molten core massacre

Doshia, Aug 16, 11 12:52 PM.
So last night a few of us decided to try out Molten core, most of us had never been and some of us had been there aaaaages ago. It was good fun, we didnt finish cus it took a lot of time and we were only 5 and not 40.

Here we have a nice group photo with JK turning his back agains the camera cus he is shy.

And here James has sadly passed away, me loling at him and Jelly trying to mend him.

Level 3

Doshia, Aug 13, 11 1:42 PM.
Today  we reached level 3 in guild level. This means we get the perk "Mount up" and it gives us 10% faster mount speed. Wohoo!

Enjoy :D


Doshia, Jul 27, 11 1:22 PM.
We have now reached level 2 and we are fast approaching level 3, nice work guys!
Yesterday we also purchased the fifth bank tab and I will be sorting things out when i can be bothered :P

Even tho we removed the dungeon team we have been doing both dungeons and pvp together which is really nice to see. Keep that up! It keeps us close.

If anyone have any ideas for any guild events make sure to post it in the guild event forum! Any request are welcome.

Dungeon Team test week stats

Doshia, Jul 24, 11 12:34 PM.
From this week where I thought we would test out how it looks if we try to do this organised I kept some stats to see if it is doable or not. 
As you can see from the below stats its not that great, so from now on there is no more organised dungeon team as I don't feel it is doable since we all have different times when we can play and as we are all adults RL has to come first and due to that it is not always possible to show up for things we sign up for.
This doesnt mean we can't do dungeons together! It just means that from now on we do it when we want, with any levels we want. However if anyone feels they could organise anything feel free to step up as it is most welcome :D

Everyone who have signe up for the dungeon team:
1.Doshia - Dps/Tank lvl 27 / cocojin - resto lvl 35
2.Teranigma - Dps lvl 32
3.Amidara - Heal lvl 29
4.Backshanka - Dps lvl 25
5.Comal - Dps lvl 35/ Dirkie Tank/Dps lvl 30
6.Lighthamer - Healer lvl 30
7.Koroche - Tank/Dps lvl 38
8.Skuzni - Tank/Dps lvl 31
9.Selvia - Dps lvl 34
10.Mukija - Dps lvl 40

Attendance during the test week:
Tuesday 19/07
People who Signed up in the calendar:

Dungeon runs cancelled due to no one signing up and no one showing up.

Thursday 21/07
People who Signed up in the calendar:

Ppl showing up:

Saturday 23/07
People who Signed up in the calendar:

ppl showing up:

(Not sure if there were any dungeons actually being done as those 3 ppl were formin a group when i had to log off)
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